Argentina, Germany and great links


I am in love with….Buenos AIres. Not just that BAFICI (Buenos AIres Festival de Cine Indepediente) is one of the best festivals ever. But the people, the atmosphere, just anything is just adorable. I guess this is also why ’9to5′ found a great audience. The highlight was definitely the – of course – sold out night at the MALBA museum in Palermo. No words, just gooze bumps on my skin.

It was no question, that the stay in Argentina had to be extended for some days. 

But the beautiful spring back home in Munich made the switch a little easier. And not just the weather is heating up. It looks like Germany is finally open the doors for our movie:

ZORRO plans the theatrical release in bigger cities like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, etc. in the first week of July.


But we also have some special preview dates ahead a little earlier:

COLOGNE on the 10th of May in the MUSEUM LUDWIG at 8PM

MÜNSTER will play it during the ‘Stranger than Fiction’ days on the 12th of May in the Cinema

BOCHUM has a preview on the 16th of May in the Endstation Kino

MUNICH and BERLIN will be announced the next days, but will be around the same week (2nd week in May)!

MEMMINGEN has the  ‘Open Air Filmtage’ and play it the night of the 6th of June


I also wanted to post some links to some sites, which I want to support, which I like and which I definitely want to recommend.

Susannah Breslin writes a lot of good things and has some common friends in the valley:


Brant Bjork, who performs the first, the last and 3 other songs is just a great guy and has his own platform for great music we dig:


Chusy won an award at Sundance with his movie ‘Anywhere USA’. Truely independent and sooo goooood!


Denis Côté, filmmaker from my beloved Quebec who I met in Buenos AIres and truly hit my taste with his inspiring movie ‘Elle veut le chaos’

I will try blogging more and faster, promised!

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