Back from the USA and Argentina ahead

26th of March 2009

Miami was just awesome. Both screenings were sold out. I guess this was the only movie in the festival with such a request for tickets. Check out these links describing the second screening with rush lines ‘around the corner’:




So we actually felt like real winners of at least buzz and audeince reaction. I guess only the jury of 3 judges in our category didn’t agree. I hope they all (!) watched the movie. Anyway – we don’t want to be greedy at this point. How more happy can we be as right now, when we experience that the film draws always the biggest audience at festivals and nobody except that 1 person ever leaves the cinema. On top we experience great discussions and obviously the movie stays in peoples memory for quiet some time.

After Miami, I travelled to Boston, where we went Underground to the Boston Underground Film Festival. A big change after the spotlight in Florida. But again – even in the city of education the midnight premiere was full and kept the audience until 3AM until we ended the Q&A.

I watched 2 great movies at the festival. If you ever have the chance, go and watch Dead Girl (2009 – there is a movie with the same title from 2006). And a must is ‘Anywhere USA’ from my new friend Chusy.

On Sunday I will fly to Buenos Aires, continuing our little Rockstar-period, and join the BAFICI – one of the biggest and best festivals in Latin America.

9to5 – screening times at Buenos AIres Festival de Cine Indepediente are:

30/03 20.45hs. Alliance Française 

31/03 11.30hs. Abasto Hoyts

01/04 22hs. the MALBA museum


By the way – all German institutions like the Bavarian Filmfund FFF and the BKM refused any support for the distribution. Meaning the film stays truly independent. No public support at all. Thanks for this! The funny part, which we don’t get – how many of all the funded movies ever get to be seen on a big screen, ever go to as many big international festivals and get sold to as many big territories as ’9to5′?

Is this the unconfortable feeling the subject matter creates in peoples stigmatized preconception?

But ZORRO – our German ditributor -  is still planning a theatrical release in Summer in Germany. We just have to play in a smaller arena. And we love ZORRO. We definitely keep you posted and write us for questions or advises!


  1. Sean Fitzroy Posted 26. März 2009 at 20:37 | Permalink

    The screening last night at BUFF was really packed! Great film and beautifully shot. I hope many more people get to see it!

  2. Todd Posted 28. März 2009 at 19:06 | Permalink

    Will 9 To 5 be premiering in Canada?

  3. Iamcuriousblue Posted 18. April 2009 at 04:47 | Permalink

    So when is this movie going to get a full theatrical release in the USA? Right now, we’re seeing the sanctimonious “balanced” anti-porn documentary “The Price of Pleasure” get a lot of publicity and seems to be treated by many as the final word on porn. I think a documentary like yours is much needed, showing a warts and all look at the porn industry, but without the propagandistic agenda that the producers of “Price of Pleasure” are offering up.

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