Canada first – Excitement for Raindance after Rioblast!

8th of October

Canada is the first country, which licenced the movie for its release! More details about this, when and how the movie will be released will follow soon.

Tonight will be the 1st European screening of the movie in London as part of the Raindance Independent Filmfestival. After the big stage in Rio this will be a rather exclusive experience.

The two screenings of ‘O dia-a-dia do porno’  (the Portuges translation of ’9to5 – Days in Porn’)  in Rio were just beyond all expectations.

The pictures below will show you some impressions of the two screenings in Rio de Janeiro. The first is the cue for the show on Saturday afternoon. The good old classic showroom of the Palacio theatre was packed. Not even a stair of the steps left open.

Of course the second show the same day at 8PM was sold out as well. See the mass of people infront of the Palacio just before the second show (2nd picture).

Both screenings were so well received that even the optimistic ones were surprised. The Q&A (Question and Answer) with Producer Cleo Comino and Director Jens Hoffmann went on a long time until it got interrupted by the staff to clear the seats for the next show. All in all the Brazilian weeks were the successful continuation of the Canadian start. Medialuna is announcing more territories to be sold soon.

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