Germany starts rolling – great screening in Kassel

Kassel 15th of November 2008

Last Thursday  night we finally had the German premiere. Not the kind of ‘glamour party’ thing – we hope we have this soon with all our friends. It was an offcial screening for the Kassel Dokumentarfilmfest. And again the film proofed to be not just an audience magnet but also a crowd-pleaser. Organizers confirmed that it was the best visited show so far. Almost the entire late-night crowed stayed for a long Q&A. So far it was the most intellectual session.

This all makes us even more excited for the next weekend, when ’9to5 – Days in Porn’ will be played at the EXGROUND FILMFEST in Wiesbaden on Saturday, the 22nd at 10PM.

So if you are from around Wiesbaden or Frankfurt, try to get tickets. It will probably take some time, until the movie will be released in Germany.

Also check out the bonus scenes we keep putting up on this blog. They are all very exclusive and mostly part of an earlier cut. The last two were from Belldaonna and Aiden, when they made a business trip to San Diego. The next one will be up next week, when we will also have some more news around the movie.

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