Nomination for German Camera Awards – Good News in times of the crisis


Yesterday we received a call which definitely enlightened our day: I am nominated for my camerawork on ’9to5 – Days in Porn’ for the most prestigious camera award in Germany: The Deutscher Kamerapreis. Beiing nominated is such an honour and I can’t express how proud the selecting commitee in Cologne makes me, for being so brave and presenting our ‘edgy’ movie on the official big stage.

The award ceremony will take place on the 21st of June in Cologne.

The bad news surprised us last week, when we got notice that our world distribution  filed for insolvency. Besides the money they never payed us we are spending most of the time, trying to save what is left. Meaning dealing with attorneys, court etc.. It is bad! Probably after Cannes, which is starting this week, we will know more about our international sales situation.

This also brings some confusion to the festival schedule, since our world distribution was responsible for this, but for obvious reasons is enable to manage the situation. Just a kind of surprising news in Italy. Biografilmfestival in Bologna cancelled their invitation after they understood, that a week before the movie has a screening in Bellaria. Don’t ask what the one thing has to do with  the other, and we are not talking about an A-festival requesting a premiere. But this is festival politics. No more comment needed.

News for Latin America: It seems that LAPTV is planning a release on one of their channels. in August.

The preview tour in Germany is doing really well. I was in Augsburg for two packed screenings and great audience reaction. Discussions went on forever and I received some really motivating comments. We are very excited for the 2 screenings in Berlin on Friday (15th at 3 PM in the Central) and Munich next week on Tuesday (19th at 10:45 PM)

Our movie in Germany is officially a movie for grown ups. We are rated 18 – no surprise – but we are not x-rated. So by definition it is not porn. But the Trailer was rated 16, This means we can promote the movie for the theatrical release in July with the trailer after 8PM.

Watch out for press, we promise you to keep you posted on this blog!

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  1. Prometheus Posted 23. Mai 2009 at 20:38 | Permalink

    do you gus know if the movie will come to Austria too?

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