Sasha Grey Special

Munich 19th of November 2008


I want to dedicate this blog to Sasha Grey, one of the main protagonists of ’9to5 – Days in Porn’, but also a very special person. This weeks bonus scene is very short but features her and Roxy Deville.

After having the pleasure of working with her at a time when she was brand new to the industry, we are now very proud to say, that she became a true friend in the process after the film making. Not that this would have influenced the cinematic view on her in the movie of course. But it was almost foreseeable at the time, that she is a special character and would somehow follow a very unique path.

We are even more pleased, when we see her success in areas, what she always claimed to be her big interest besides the world of porn: Music, art and Independent film making. After her lead role in ‘Smash Cut’, the lates movie of Lee Demarbre, she also took on a lead in Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Girlfriend Experience’. If you want to find out more about her, you should go to her site

We hope that we will be able to schedule some of the national premieres – which are supposed to come up in the next months – around her or other protagonists, featured in ’9to5 – Days in Porn’. Also there will be some detailed informations for national distributions and release schedules very soon. But first we look forward for next weekends screening at the  EXGROUND festival in Wiesbaden.

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