Sold out and Heat on in Miami


10th of March 2009

after we arrived in Miami Sunday night, already excited to finally have our US-Premiere at the Miami International Filmfestival, we could not belive our eyes, when we looked at the schedule next to the ticket counter: Our second screening for Wednesday night is already sold out. Could there be possibly a better start than this?


The Filmfestival is just the perfect place for us to be. Run by the new director Tiziana Finzi it seems like this festival is really taking off. Great movie selection, amazing film and art personalities from around the world and a wonderful,

 highly motivated and perfect organized staff make this a very rewarding experience for us.


On top Cleonice was invited for her first NBA match and witnessed the extraordinary performany of Dwyane Wade at the 

130: 127 over the Chicago Bulls in 3rd overtime.

By the way – we finally had a little new deleted scene up. Check out Cindy Crawford and Jim Powers talking through a brake on a set.

Now excitment grows for our screenings. We’ll keep you posted.

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