20th of December 2008

Last Wednesday I went out to see another show of one of the great artists who are featrured in the soundtrack of the movie. 

Son of Dave, the one man Bluesexplosion from London played one of his five German shows in a small club in Munich. Alex McGowan, who scored some songs for the soundttrack and also produced the Sons last two albums, told me about it. I went and was just blown away. The former member of the Crash Test Dummies impressed by a very uniques show, something I have never seen before. If you are into live-performances just go. And if you are  into Blues never miss a chance to watch him live.

Before we all take a little brake during the holidays I want to announce great news for Germany. While Canada is way ahead, aleady releasing the movie really soon, we signed a distribution deal in Germany with Zorro Film.

Zorrofilm, die erst vor wenigen Monaten den Verleiherpreis verliehen bekommen haben, sind unser Wunschpartner und wir versprechen uns sehr viel von dieser Partnerschaft, die letzte Woche besiegelt wurde.

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