World Premiere in Montreal

30th of August 2008

Jens Hoffmann (director) presenting the movie)

If we ever had any doubts or lack of confidence, the first screenings of 9to5 – Days in Porn at the WORLD FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal just blew them away.

Having our world premiere at an A-festival was already a triumph. But our few days in Canada will be a trip never to be forgotten – we discovered that people didn’t just like the movie; instead, it was selected out of hundreds of films to be shown again on the festivals’ last night among those most requested by the public.

Sasha Grey & Cleo Comino (producer) before the premiere

The movie also received its first reviews and so far it was another big ego-builder for us. The number of interviews and the exceptionally positive responses are just two more reasons to feel great.

The next blog will have more detailed information about upcoming festival appearances of 9to5 – Days in Porn. It will be shown in two more continents around the beginning of October.

Related to this, however, we have some pretty sad news. We were invited to screen at the very high-ranked festival in Pusan, South Korea. We had to turn down this great opportunity because it was impossible for us to finance the mandatory 35mm print. We’re still experiencing that it is not very easy to find financial support in Germany as an independent project outside the system.

Anyway, we are looking forward to have new shorter version ready soon. The uncensored Director’s Cut will probably just screen on festivals but later on released as DVD.

This week’s bonus scene shows Otto Bauer on an average day, following his routine on his way to work.

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